Kanker Bos 100g

Kanker Bos 100g


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Cancer Bush is a indigenous herb to South Africa and it’s been used for it’s many benefits for a very long time. It’s very bitter but it’s totally worth it once you realize how amazing it is.

It’s used to assist with fungal, viral and bacterial infections as well as to assist people who have TB, Cancer and HIV/Aids. Using Cancer Bush tea is also very benefial for ulcers, asthma, kidney disorders, flu, UTI’s, depression, stress, anxiety, diabetes, rheumatism and to boost the immune system.

You can drink it by the cup or make it in a big batch and keep it in the fridge. Then you take 3 shots of the ‘ice tea’ throughout the day.

Also known as Kanker Bos in Afrikaans.

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