Silikon Fopspeen ‘dummy’ klip

Silikon Fopspeen ‘dummy’ klip


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Baie oulike produk dat daai 'dummy' nie kan vuil of verloor word nie.

These dummy clips are made from 100% non-toxic, BPA-free, food-grade silicone and wooden beads. It attaches easily to baby’s clothing, keeps the dummy within the baby’s reach, and prevents it from falling on the floor.

  • Do not leave your child unattended when using a dummy clip, as the small parts could potentially pose a choking hazard.
  • Do not let your child sleep with a dummy clip attached to their clothing.
  • Children or babies with fully formed teeth may chew or tear through the silicone, cord and wooden items.
  • Inspect this item regularly for signs of damage. Discard the dummy clip if anything shows apparent signs of wear and tear.
  • All of the wooden beads and rings are sold untreated. If you would like to treat them, please use organic or natural products such as olive oil or beeswax.


  • Wipe clean after soaking briefly in lukewarm water.
  • Wooden beads and rings should not be left in water for too long. Dry them immediately after they have been washed.
  • Do not microwave, bleach, boil or sanitise this item in an electric or steam steriliser.Hoe groot is die produk: 23cm